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Akyürek Natural Marble
Main Industrial Zone No:70 Famagusta

Pbx:+90 (392) 365-3083
Fax:+90 (392) 365-3084

Welcome to the Akyürek Natural Marble

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    Akyürek Natural Marble LTD. 5000 metersquare space which
is 1500 metersquare close space and 3500 metersquare is open
space. Since 1999 we produce traverten, natural marble, terazzo,
granite, we proved different chose for the houses. The marble and
the natural marble are classificate for the using places.

1-For the structural elements (Cloms, Stuns)
2-For staircase for interior and exterior
3-For interior design tables
4-For desktop, chimney, water elements

    In marble the colour is important ability the marble colour is white,
gray and also if you put it different material it will be yellow, red, purple, green or black. We are the special LTD.

Our Quality

    Akyürek Natural Marble provide you to great inalienable natural stones of
the architecture beyond your requests by master crafts to build amazing desingns.

ICS Quality Award

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UCAS Quality Award

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    For years Akyürek Natural Marble's target is to provide customer satistaction by careful marble and granite works.

    Since we built, we try to satisfy many corporation's reqirement with an economic solutions and powerful company profile. It tells us the quality of our company to dear customers. Worktops, sink, bathroom granites, floor furnishing, outerior covering, marble staircases, grave works and any kind of marble-granite works is done completely perfect by our company.

    Our aim is to reach the best and modern line since we established. The objective of Akyürek Natural Marble is to be the only name in the marble and granite sector.