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Akyürek Natural Marble
Main Industrial Zone No:70 Famagusta

Pbx:+90 (392) 365-3083
Fax:+90 (392) 365-3084

    Our company has a policy of giving equal opportunities in a professional working stage to its staff and supports them with a continous improvement process by giving chance of better career possibilities.So, Human Resource is an indispensable fact of our company. Main aim of human resources applications is to do activities supporting the team work,creativity and efficiency skills of the staff by improving their personal and professional abilities and then make quality is the basis of all process of the company. Thus, Akyürek Natural Marble serve up a very fair and professional working environment to its staff by giving emphasis to motivation that they can easily express their know-how and improve their abilities.

     Our company consist of a staff that well-educated,open to technological developments and continuously improved themselves according the company traditions and moral values and represent the company by using these characteristics through both domestic and international business affairs. In addition to these, Akyürek Natural Marble supports all kind of training programmes for the development of the skills of its staff and create an atmosphere that they can be together and share their experiences.

     So, Akyürek Natural Marble keeps it leader position of Human Resources Applications between the counterparts in marble business and then makes itself a very succesful reference on this matter.

    For years Akyürek Natural Marble's target is to provide customer satistaction by careful marble and granite works.

    Since we built, we try to satisfy many corporation's reqirement with an economic solutions and powerful company profile. It tells us the quality of our company to dear customers. Worktops, sink, bathroom granites, floor furnishing, outerior covering, marble staircases, grave works and any kind of marble-granite works is done completely perfect by our company.

    Our aim is to reach the best and modern line since we established. The objective of Akyürek Natural Marble is to be the only name in the marble and granite sector.