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Akyürek Natural Marble
Main Industrial Zone No:70 Famagusta

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    Stone has always been the one and only everlasting realities of architecture from the first human until the new millenium. In the stone age, stone was carved in order to be used as a shelter, then it become the crucial material of the frontiers and castles were built of stone for protection.
    People built inns to accomodate; madrases to get education; fountains to drink water from; bridges to pass over; baths to get cleaned and relazed in; mosques and churches to worship in and hearths to heat and stone houses they lived in.
    Stone constructions shaped by the hand of a master craft men who were then deprived of technological tools, were carved diligently like lacework, and the stone was softened with the sweat of the stone masons. These buildings are now among the wonders of the contemporary world and are an inevitable sources of cultural tourism.
    As the buildings of today collapse one by one with natural disasters, we once again appreciate and pay homage to the stone and its master crast men who created one thousand year old buildings and even minarets that are still standing high in the sky.
    There begins a new passion and love when the stone and its master craft men come together. This first step taken on the way from artisan ship to art itself has led to the establishment of Akyürek Natural Marble craft men from a family who earned their livings from stone.
    Our goal is to merge the beauty of art pieces with the contemporary concept of architecture. Thus to your choice will be your expression.

    For years Akyürek Natural Marble's target is to provide customer satistaction by careful marble and granite works.

    Since we built, we try to satisfy many corporation's reqirement with an economic solutions and powerful company profile. It tells us the quality of our company to dear customers. Worktops, sink, bathroom granites, floor furnishing, outerior covering, marble staircases, grave works and any kind of marble-granite works is done completely perfect by our company.

    Our aim is to reach the best and modern line since we established. The objective of Akyürek Natural Marble is to be the only name in the marble and granite sector.